About Us

White Sands was developed in 1971 when Henry Moo-Young and his wife Gloria decided to build four spacious apartments on the most beautiful beach in Jamaica. Their hospitality philosophy was, and remains today, to provide simple, clean rooms at an affordable price. Keep the clients happy and they will come back year after year. Over forty five years have passed, the four rooms have grown to forty five and the property is now managed by the second generation of the family.

White Sands is a laid back, informal resort with none of the trappings of a traditional hotel. It is an ideal vacation destination for the undemanding traveler who prefers the ambience of a family run resort to that of a traditional hotel. In fact we take pride in being described as a hotel with a non-hotel atmosphere.

We believe the focus of a vacation should be about spending quality time with friends and family, and a place where you will meet and make new friends. In a way we challenge our guests to disconnect from their everyday working lives, as much as possible, and reconnect with those around them.

Most of our rooms do not have televisions, and for some, unplugging from the 24/7 negative news cycles can be a challenge. For this reason we have installed a fiber optic WiFi system that covers the entire property. For those who just can’t go without, please request to reserve a One Bedroom Apartment, Junior Suite or our Villa, as these units have televisions. 

Is White Sands a good fit for you? Well, if you like buffet lines and require room service and pampering, we are not a good fit. But if you love the beach, the ocean, meeting real Jamaicans and like the vibe of a simple family run resort; White Sands is a great choice.

It is our hope at White Sands that you will escape to a pace of life that you control and not that which controls you.

Some say life is good…at White Sands Negril we think life is pretty great.

We look forward to hosting you.